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Vitronectin is a 75 kDa glycoprotein.

Vitronectin ELISA Kit
The Vitronectin Antigen ELISA Kit is an antibody “sandwich” system in which one monoclonal antibody functions as the catching antibody and a peroxidase-labeled polyclonal is the detecting antibody.

TECHNOZYM® Vitronectin ELISA Kit [RUO]

Vitronectin ELISA, calibrator included.

REF Package Size MSDS Insert Lot
TC12120 96 tests Download MSDS Download Insert 121201C2, 121201C3

Vitronectin protein

Purified from human plasma, lyophilized

REF Package Size MSDS Insert
TC41140 50 µg Download MSDS Download Insert

Monoclonal anti Vitronectin antibody 2VN

Lyophilized, IgG

REF Package Size Insert
TC21511 500 µg Download Insert

Polyclonal anti Vitronectin antibody Rabbit