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Protein C Inhibitor

Protein C Inhibitor (PCI, SERPINA5) is a serine protease inhibitor (serpin) which limits the expression of protein C (an anticoagulant). An N-terminal fragment of PCI is a possible serum biomarker for  prostate cancer.

TECHNOZYM® Protein C Inhibitor Actibind ELISA Kit allows the determination of active Protein C   Inhibitor antigen. The assay is based on the immobilization of functionally active urokinase to plates by means of a monoclonal antibody. Protein C Inhibitor contained in the test sample binds to u-PA and is then quantified using a peroxidase-labeled monoclonal anti-Protein C Inhibitor antibody.

TECHNOZYM® Protein C Inhibitor Actibind® ELISA [RUO]

Protein C Inhibitor Actibind® ELISA, calibrator included.

REF Package Size MSDS Insert
TC16100 96 tests Download MSDS Download Insert

Monoclonal anti Protein C Inhibitor antibody 4PCI

Lyophilized, IgG1

REF Package Size MSDS Insert
TC21353 500 µg Download MSDS Download Insert