Plasminogen (Plg) is synthesized in the liver and circulates in two forms: Glu-Plasminogen and Lys-Plasminogen. In its native form Plasminogen contains a glutamic acid residue at the N-terminus and this molecule is termed Glu-Plasminogen.

TECHNOZYM® Glu-Plasminogen ELISA Kit

A highly sensitive complete sandwich ELISA for the selective determination of Glu-Plasminogen in human plasma. The Kit is based on two monoclonal antibodies; a catching antibody and a detecting antibody specific for the Glu-form of Plasminogen.

TECHNOZYM® Glu-Plasminogen ELISA Kit [RUO]

Glu-Plasminogen ELISA, calibrator included.

REF Package Size MSDS Insert Lot
TC12040 96 tests Download MSDS Download Insert 120402C3, 120401C3