Antithrombin (AT)

Antithrombin (AT, formerly called ATIII, also known as heparin cofactor I) is a natural anticoagulant that inhibits the activated coagulation factors thrombin (factor IIa), factor Xa, and, to a lesser extent, factor XIa and factor IXa.

TECHNOCHROM® AT III are reagents for the chromogenic and quantitative determination of AT activity in human plasma. 

The Technochrom® AT III Kits are a complete reagent kits suitable for the chromogenic determination of ATIII on analyzers and for the manual method.


Suitable for the photometric method

1 x 43 IU ATIII Reagent A2

1 x 10 µmol ATIII Reagent Th-1

2 x 25 mL Sodium chloride solution 0.9%

REF Package Size Insert
5340224 ~ 100 tests Download Insert

TECHNOCHROM® AT III manual method Kit

Suitable for the manual method

1 x 20 µmol ATIII Reagent A1

1 x 10 µmol ATIII Reagent Th-1

1 x 100 ml ATIII Buffer

REF Package Size Insert
5340225 ~ 39 tests Download Insert