Global Tests

Prothrombin Time (PT)

The TECHNOPLASTIN® HIS and TECHNOCLOT® PT Series are thromboplastin reagents derived from rabbit. Thromboplastins are a mixture of tissue factor, phospholipid, and calcium.

The Prothrombin Time (PT) is used to:

· Screen for congenital or acquired deficiencies in the extrinsic and common pathways

· Monitor warfarin therapy

· Aid in the diagnosis of DIC

· Aid in the diagnosis of inhibitors to Factors II, V, and X

For warfarin monitoring the most common reporting method is the INR; in certain countries an alternative normalization method known as the Prothrombin percent activity, is used.

INR is based on the following formula:

The TECHNOCLOT® PT Owren is a thromboplastin reagent modified according to Owren. The reagent is enriched with bovine plasma from which the prothrombin complex factors II, VII and X have been removed by adsorption. The bovine plasma remains a source of fibrinogen and factor V, therefore cannot abnormalities in these proteins be detected by the test.

The reagent is available in two formats, one for the manual method and one for automated use on coagulation analyzer.

Demonstration video available on TECHNOZOOM Youtube Channel