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The Fibrinogen reagent of Technoclone is a modified Clauss Reagent with a high thrombin concentration to make the test virtually insensitive to heparin and to enhance clot detection.

The Fibrinogen is used :

· in the diagnosis of DIC

· in the diagnosis of liver failures

· to detect qualitatively abnormalities of fibrinogen

· to determine quantitatively deficiency of fibrinogen

A calibration curve of clotting time versus concentration in g/dL is first determined with a plasma having a known concentration of fibrinogen, such as Coagulation Reference. The fibrinogen concentration of patient samples are read off the calibration curve.

For Calibration & Control plasmas click here
Auxiliary reagent required and not supplied with the kit


Fibrinogen Reagent Kit

The Fibrinogen Reagent kit contains: 5 x 2 ml Fibrinogen Reagent, 1 x 1 ml Coagulation Reference

REF Package Size MSDS Insert Lot
5138005 ~ 45 T. Download MSDS Download Insert 0B33C00, 0B32C00

Fibrinogen Reagent

Lyophilized fibrinogen reagent ~ 80 I.U. ml

REF Package Size MSDS Insert Lot
5138080 5 x 5 ml Download MSDS Download Insert 6E41CB0, 6E27CB0
5138085 5 x 2 ml Download MSDS Download Insert 6E33CB0, 6E36CA0