Thrombin Generation

Ceveron TGA reagents are optimized Thrombin Generation Reagents for the fully automated analyzers Ceveron t100 and Ceveron s100 which are equipped with a fluorescence measurement module, the TGA module.

Thrombin Generation on Ceveron t100 and also on Ceveron s100 can be measured from the same sample as routine parameters, with easy identification of patient samples, „traceability“ of the reagent used, minimal handling errors and an inbuilt quality control. Thrombin Generation can be measured reproducibly under routine laboratory conditions. Thus, Ceveron TGA reagent Kits are the first CE marked Thrombin Generation solutions on the market.

With the new optimized measurement: 

  • an intra/inter-assay CV < 5% can be reached

  • a short assay time of ~20 min for Peak Thrombin determination can be achieve